In 1928 Reverend James Wesley Holiday organized Holy Temple Church in Wilson, North Carolina. He also founded St. James, Stantonsburg and St. Rose, Sims in 1932. Through his ministry, he helped others realize the need for Christ and the goodness of God and his love. His health began to decline, and in 1975 his son, James E. Holiday was called to preach. James E. Holiday worked closely with his father until he was called home to be with the Lord in March 1977. He succeeded his father as pastor of Holy Temple Church. James E. Holiday was a hard working man that loved God and enjoyed serving the community. He was one who totally believed and based his faith in the Word. After a growth in membership, God gave him a vision that involved moving from the Moore Street location to Lodge St. On February 4, 1982, the members along with the pastor marched from Moore St. to 1003 South Lodge St. for Sunday morning service.
Now we will fast forward to the year 2008, for in this year Holy Temple and Rose of Sharon United Holy Churches began a journey to form what is now known as Kairos Church Ministries.
In October of 2008, Elder Charles E. Lewis, Sr. was assigned Holy Temple UHC by the Southern District Convocation; during that same timeframe Pastor Lewis was already pastoring Rose of Sharon UHC in the City of Wilson. Immediately after Pastor Lewis’s appointment, he held a meeting with leaders from each church to begin to work on uniting these two ministries into one.
The first meeting consisted of the following leaders of Holy Temple: Deacon Gray Beamon, Mother Loraine Beamon, Mother Lillian Carol, Minister Alexander Moore, Mother Barbara Moore, Mother Lula Hill, and Sister Vernell Smith. Rose of Sharon leaders in attendance were Minister Douglas Leveston, Sister Pattie Leveston, Mother Dorothy Ward, Mother Annie Davis, Deacon Artist Perkins, Minister Cynthia Thompson, Brother Fred Williams, Sister Joyce Holmes, Minister Williams, and Minister Veronica Williams.
It was during this meeting that leaders were appointed to their positions. Also, during this session the question was asked, “will we keep the name Holy Temple or change the name of the church after the merging the ministries?” A vote was taken by the leaders, and the majority desired to change the name. It was further decided to bring all the members together and share what the leaders had suggested. At that time, the membership was given an opportunity to select a new name for the new direction.
The members were brought into session and information shared about those placed into leadership, and the floor was opened to receive new names for the ministry. Several names were given, but the name that seemed to fit at that time was Kairos.  Kairos was befitting because Holy Temple and Rose of Sharon were both experiencing some things in which help was needed, and the Lord saw fit that each ministry had that missing element that the other needed. This produced a moment, a destiny or a Kairos.
Kairos is an ancient Greek word meaning the “right or opportune moment.” It is used to define a specific time that exists in between regular time (“Chronos”); a moment of undetermined period of time in which something unique and special happens. We’re promised times of Kairos when we need refreshing from the terrible times that involve our natural lives and we feel separated from God.  Our theme here at KCM is “A Place Where Time and Destiny Meet.” That is Kairos a God Moment, a God appointed Time.
Following that meeting, progress was started to do an inner facelift to the ministry, resulting in the appearance which you now see. The ministry began to grow both numerically and spiritually. Additional leaders have been added to ministry, and great moves of God have been experienced in this place.